About Us

Sharing a combined 40 years cabinetry sales  experience,  Mike and Doug are proud to represent top cabinetry manufacturers. The highest priority is to provide their dealer partners with products and most importantly, the support for mutual success.

Coastal Cabinetry Group has made it their job to source and curate a top-notch portfolio of products, allowing their long term dealers, the opportuity for a one-stop shop. Those dealers who have decided to commit to one or more of the CCG cabinet lines, appreciate the convenince of a singular point of contact to provide  training and support for various products and price points they and  their clients need.  

In addition to the strong field sales support, dealers are pleased to work with the manufacturer support team (Customer Service) . As a bonus, CCG has their owen support team in Nicole (customer service/ inside sales) and Diane (design). This combined team effort gives everyone piece of mind that there is always a “backup” when needed. 

Coastal Cabinetry Group seeks to establish loyal dealer-partners, who see the value in committing their time and resources toward shared goals, assuring mutual success for all parties involved. 

We look forward to creating and continuing partnerships with our clients.